Paola Panicola self portrait

Paola Panicola

I’m a 32 years old photographer based in Rome, Italy.

If you feel a connection to my photography, maybe we could have the opportunity to work together. I’m available for look book, eCommerce, portraits, advertising, events. +39 3347748717

In both assignment and personal work projects, I draw on a diverse range of photographic skills. I’ve worked with different agencies and Italian brands as a freelance and I’ve been published on international tattoo-art magazines.

I love working with people and I find in the portrait photography my biggest passion. I try to describe each face with my own personal vision, that sometimes runs into the surreal. I approach all subjects with a sense of equality, respect and empathy. In this way, I strive to seek magic moments of light and expression, and create a sense of balance, clarity and simplicity within each image. One's response to photographs is highly personal.